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Are you ready to power up with sunshine and savings? Austinites are embracing solar as a clean, green, alternative source of power.

Our customers can reap the benefits of the plentiful Texas sun when they install solar photovoltaics (PV) systems at their home or business. We offer rebates and incentives that helps reduce the cost of installation and save you money on your monthly bill.

No roof? No problem. Any residential customer can choose solar energy with Austin Energy’s Community Solar Program, including renters, homeowners with shaded roofs or anyone who doesn’t want to install and maintain a solar roof system.

Did You Know?

New Bill Format for Solar PV Customers

Austin Energy is offering a new bill format that provides solar customers with one bill for all City of Austin (COA) services. The combined format clearly displays any unused Value of Solar (VoS) credits on your electric account next to the Electric Service Details section of your bill.

The new bill also offers an improved graph showing your usage and generation from previous months.

Get details about your combined solar utility bill (pdf)

Solar Power: Good for Austin, Good for the Environment

Unlike fossil fuels, the sun provides clean and renewable energy day after day, with no fuel costs, noise, or pollution.

When you use clean, renewable solar power for your home or business you help reduce Austin’s carbon footprint and help protect the environment. You also contribute to the expansion of green jobs in the Austin area.

  • The number of solar installations continues to grow.
    As of October 2017, Austin Energy supports more than 6,250 residential solar energy systems, 335 commercial projects, 44 school projects, and 60 municipal projects.
  • The solar industry in Austin is growing, too.
    More than 50 new solar installation companies have developed in Austin since 2004, creating approximately 600 green jobs, according to a study by local solar advocacy group Solar Austin.

Rooftop or Ground-Mount Solar PV Systems

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight directly into electricity, providing power where you need it while the sun is shining. Solar PV system popularity has risen sharply, with the decreased cost of installation. If you have been thinking of installing a solar PV system for your home or business, now is a good time to act.

Austin Energy Solar Incentives Help with Installation

Austin Energy provides incentives to help reduce the cost of solar energy system installations. Your solar energy system may also qualify for a federal investment tax credit and a property tax exemption.

Our participating contractors can step you through the process.

Residential Community Solar Option Now Available

Residential customers are now able to choose community solar power for their home. With this new option, customers can go solar and meet 100% of their electricity needs with energy supplied from local Community Solar projects.

Community Solar Projects currently include:  

  • 185 kW community solar array at the Palmer Events Center
  • 2.6 MW La Loma community solar farm under construction near Airport Boulevard and Springdale Boulevard

Learn more about the Community Solar option for residential customers

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